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Veddha community Tour in Sri Lanka

The Veddha community, Sri Lanka’s indigenous people predating the 6th century BCE, is now dwindling, with around 2,000 remaining and fewer still living traditionally. Mahiyanganaya, Dambana, is their habitat. The Veddha Village Tour by Dynamic Lanka Tours offers a unique, time-travel-like experience, delving into their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and animistic beliefs. It’s a fleeting opportunity to connect with this vanishing culture. Travelers describe it as “transported back in time.” This exclusive itinerary provides a glimpse into a disappearing community and a chance to engage deeply with Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and people, making it an experience of a lifetime. As the Veddha community faces challenges, Dynamic Lanka Tours invites you to seize this unique, unforgettable trip before it becomes part of history.

08 Nights, 09 days

BIA to Colombo

Arrange for airport pickup and transfer to Colombo, followed by an overnight stay in the vibrant city.


Colombo to Kandy

Transfer to Kandy and check into the hotel for a relaxing stay. In the evening, enjoy a Cultural Dance Show. Receive blessings at the Kandy Tooth Relic Temple before settling in for an overnight stay in the enchanting city of Kandy.

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Kandy to Mahiyanganaya

A morning transfer to Mahiyanganaya. Engage in learning and experiencing the clay pot making process, followed by a ‘Pan’ weaving experience in a village house. Conclude the day with a trek to discover two stunning hidden waterfalls, and enjoy an overnight stay in Mahiyanganaya.

Sorabora Wewa Sri Lanka Ancient Reservoir In Mahiyanganaya


Whole day adventure at Dambana Vedda Village, where you’ll engage in a jungle bush walk with Veddhas showcasing their unique hunting methods. Hike through scenic mountains, explore caves, visit a Veddha dwelling, and cap off the day with a BBQ dinner amidst a campfire and traditional Veddha dances. Experience an unforgettable overnight stay in Mahiyanganaya.

Daha Ata Wanguwa, Mahiyanganaya, Sri Lanka

Mahiyanganaya to Gal Oya

Head to Gal Oya with a transfer, relishing a picnic lunch within the National Park. In the afternoon, embark on a thrilling Jeep Safari through Gal Oya National Park, exploring its diverse wildlife. Conclude the day with an overnight stay, surrounded by the natural beauty of Gal Oya.

Gal Oya National Park Boat Safari A Complete Guide (2024) Laure Wanders

Gal Oya

Captivating journey with the Gal Oya Vedda Tribe, guided by the village chief. Traverse through ancestral jungles, explore the ancient hunting grounds, and immerse yourself in the melodious songs of the native tongue. Engage in enchanting tales of hunter-gatherer traditions before returning to Gal Oya Lodge for relaxation and an overnight stay amidst the natural beauty of Gal Oya.

Gal Oya National Park in Sri Lanka (Include All Details)

Gal Oya to Ella

A morning boat safari in Gal Oya National Park, encountering diverse wildlife. Later, transfer to Ella, where you’ll partake in a cooking experience at a local venue, culminating in a delightful dinner. Conclude the day with an overnight stay in the scenic surroundings of Ella.


Ella to Weligama

Commence your day with a morning hike to Little Adam’s Peak, followed by a visit to the iconic Nine Arches Bridge. Later, transfer to Weligama, where you’ll settle in for the night. Immerse yourself in the coastal charm and enjoy an overnight stay in Weligama.

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Weligama to BIA

Conclude your journey with a seamless transfer to the airport, ensuring a smooth and comfortable end to your travel experience. Bid farewell to the enriching adventures and destinations as you head towards your departure point.


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