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Embark on a Grand Odyssey with Our Luxury Tour Around Sri Lanka, Guided by the Exquisite Hospitality of Teardrop Hotels.
Luxury Tour in Sri Lanka

Uga Escapes presents an array of Sri Lankan retreats, seamlessly blending nature, pampering, and adventure. Partnering with Dynamic Lanka Tours, indulge in a luxury journey across five exquisite Uga properties, from the beachfront elegance of Uga Bay to the wilderness allure of Chena Huts. The itinerary showcases the country’s diverse offerings, from pristine coastal expanses to the bustling Colombo city, wildlife encounters in Yala National Park, and cultural richness in Anuradhapura. Elevate your travel experience with immersive luxury, traversing Sri Lanka with Dynamic Lanka Tours through this meticulously crafted itinerary.

13 Nights, 14 days

BIA to Galle

Arrive stress-free with our pickup and assistance at the airport, ensuring a seamless transition to your journey. Experience a comfortable transfer to Galle, where you can effortlessly check into your hotel, unwind, and embrace a tranquil overnight stay in this captivating coastal city.


Galle to Yala

Embark on a morning exploration of Galle Fort and the city’s rich heritage. Later, transfer to Yala, where you’ll check into the exquisite CHENA HUTS. Refresh in luxury and savor the campsite facilities before concluding your day with a serene overnight stay in the heart of Yala’s wilderness.



Kickstart your day with an exhilarating morning Jeep Safari in Wilpattu National Park, immersing yourself in wildlife encounters. Upon arrival at the campsite, unwind and soak in the natural beauty. Indulge in a sumptuous BBQ dinner by the beach, concluding with a peaceful overnight stay in Yala.


Yala to Ella

Embark on a picturesque morning transfer to Ella, capturing the beauty of Ravana Waterfall en route. Explore the iconic Nine Arch Bridge before a leisurely stroll through a lush tea plantation. Conclude the day with a visit to a tea factory, immersing yourself in the charm of Ella for an overnight stay.


Ella to Pasikudah

Begin your day with a invigorating hike to Little Adam’s Peak, relishing panoramic views. Later, transfer to Pasikudah, where you’ll check into the luxurious UGA BAY. Immerse yourself in the resort’s facilities, ensuring a delightful stay, and conclude your day with an overnight retreat in Pasikudah.



Unwind by the pristine beach, savoring moments of tranquility. Dive into thrilling watersports like snorkeling and diving, exploring the vibrant marine life. Indulge in the lavish amenities of UGA BAY, ensuring a blissful stay, and retire for an overnight escape in Pasikudah.


Pasikudah to Trincomalee

Journey to Trincomalee, where you’ll seamlessly check into your next beachfront haven, UGA JUNGLE BEACH. Unwind and luxuriate in the resort’s facilities, ensuring a serene stay. Conclude the day with relaxation and an overnight retreat in the captivating Trincomalee.



Morning excursion to Pigeon Island for captivating snorkeling and diving experiences, immersing yourself in the subaquatic paradise and vibrant underwater world. The rest of the day is yours to leisurely enjoy the resort facilities, culminating in a tranquil overnight stay in Trincomalee.



Enjoy a leisurely day basking in the warm ocean waters of Trincomalee. Consider embarking on a tour to catch sight of the world’s largest mammal, the majestic Blue Whale. Conclude your day with a serene overnight stay, embracing the coastal beauty of Trincomalee.


Trincomalee to Tirappane

A morning exploration of Trincomalee’s distinctive culture through a city tour. Later, journey to Tirappane, seamlessly checking into the exquisite UGA ULAGALLA. Unwind and appreciate the luxurious amenities, concluding the day with a tranquil overnight stay in Tirappane.


Tirappane to Sigiriya

Begin your day with a transfer to Sigiriya, ascending the iconic rock fortress. In the evening, delve into the historical splendors of the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura. Conclude the day with an overnight stay in Tirappane, immersing yourself in the cultural richness of the region.



Indulge in a full day of relaxation, immersing yourself in the hotel’s amenities. Engage in a kayaking adventure along Wannamaduwwa Tank, try your hand at archery, and experience the thrill of horse riding. Conclude the day with a serene overnight stay in Tirappane.

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Tirappane to Colombo

A journey to Colombo, seamlessly checking into UGA RESIDENCE. Unwind and make yourself at home in the heart of the city. Conclude your day with a comfortable overnight stay in Colombo, experiencing the vibrant atmosphere and hospitality of UGA RESIDENCE.


Colombo to BIA

Conclude your luxurious tour with a seamless airport transfer, bidding farewell to the enchanting destinations experienced throughout your journey. Cherish the memories created during this opulent adventure and embark on a safe and comfortable departure, marking the end of your extraordinary luxury tour.


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